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What is Design in Simple Words?

The human mind is gifted with the ability to perceive and reason out. These then enable us to imagine and apply it to creativity. One of the products of human creativity is design. Have you heard about it before? Well, we’re sure you do since everything man-made we see have its unique designs. The environment we live in, on the other hand, is believed to be the product of God’s creativity and each one has its own design.

Given these, wouldn’t it be great if we dive deeper into understanding what design is? Well, if you’re ready, then let’s get it on! 

Defining Design

A lot of people think that design revolves around making things look pretty or simply a decoration. It is also defined as art, yet it is different from design. This is because the design is not simply an art but a science. It involves calculated and cold processes and isn’t allowed to fail. It is made for everyone, even technology wherein mobile app and website designs have emerged. Aside from that, the design is defined as a subtle yet complex process and is beyond making anything look pretty.

Another thing, humans are able to speak out through designs. It is considered an effective platform to express something such as advocacies, current issues, history, and so many more. It speaks the words that can’t be uttered. This is why a lot are engaged in designing as it gives them the chance to express themselves and their thoughts. Also, it is way effective for people with disabilities, particularly those who can’t speak. Through designing, they can effectively express out and let people know about it.

Moving on, let us proceed to some things to know about design. Learning these can help you appreciate and value designs much more than before. It can also help you learn new ideas that you can apply in your life.

Things to Know about Design

It needs not to be original

Although originality is an advantage yet in designs, it doesn’t apply all the time. It has been a common misconception that hype and novelties infused in designs will help sell a product. In textbooks and conventional design patterns, for example, it only exists because of being proven, tested, and workability.

In designing, getting an idea from another design is a common thing. There is also a collaboration of ideas that bring better outcomes. Being original is not bad, yet engaging and working with others in the same field is also not bad. When we say needs not to be original, it doesn’t mean that there will be stealing of ideas but rather collaboration and innovation to produce better results.

Also, getting ideas from other sources allows creativity to become more improved. Doing continuous research, studies, and recommendations from one another, helps a design have a profound, well-planned, and structured final.

Designs are Innovative

Next thing to know, designs are innovative. Since we as human beings are creative in any means, this allows us then to apply it to designs. Innovation is a progressive word that represents an improvement from one level to another. Besides, our society changed a lot due to modern technology. This brought us a lot of possibilities and new ideas to make our lives even better.

Connected with designs, modern technology, and innovation works together to create improvements. Now, we have different technological and online platforms that require design. These then created more job opportunities and chances for those passionate designers to showcase their ideas. They were given the right platform to express their talent and innovative minds through designs.

Designs are beyond Display

It has been a misconception that designs are meant for display or decoration purposes. A lot of people believed that designs are made to help something look beautiful or according to a particular standard. However, these are all wrong. Designs are beyond being just mere decoration display. It has a variety of purposes that almost the majority fails to see. So, let us start with the display itself.

First, designs are made literally for display. With designs, anyone’s attention can be gotten, especially when selling a product or service. The design can be seen through product packaging, websites, blogs, and so many more.

Second, designs are made for usability. There are particular designs that contribute to the usability of one thing. A recliner chair, for example. We all know that a recliner chair is able to be stretched to become a near bed. This design then helped people to feel and stay relaxed when using it. Here, no more body aches, back pains, and inability to sleep since its design is one of a kind and truly has a designated function. Another example is building designs. When planning to construct a building, it cannot start without the final design and structure. The design then helps the building to be well-structured and planned as it aims to reach certain goals such as the utmost safety, appearance, stability, and so many more.

Designs have meaning

Objects make connections with people by interpreting a meaning, and if it’s meaningful, it can last up to years. Well, the most common meaning of a design is empowerment, freedom, enlightenment, and love. These are the most commonly seen meanings of various designs made by different artists.

Designs feel like a person

A lot of artists are considering their designs as a person in which they can rely on and express anything they want. They made their designs feel like a person that makes them feel more empowered and inspired to do better designs. Designs felt like people who are giving continuous support despite any struggle along the way.

Designs are project stages

Designs are used to express something related to human living, societal issues, personal problems, advocacies, and experiences. It became a platform wherein people can freely express themselves by turning it into designs. Here, they also have the freedom to make their designs as the stage for their projects. It can be a collection or just a show-off of their inspiring pieces of both art and science.